Stay Protected and Comfortable All Day in the BALEAF Men’s UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Sun Protection Rash Guard


Love getting active outdoors but worry about harmful sun exposure? Look no further than the BALEAF Men’s UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Sun Protection Rash Guard. This lightweight, moisture-wicking shirt shields your skin from the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays, helping prevent sunburns and long-term skin damage. But it doesn’t stop there – its breathable fabric keeps you cool and comfortable even during intense activities in the heat.

UPF 50+ Sun Protection You Can Count On

With an ultra protective UPF rating of 50+, this rash guard blocks out over 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. Unlike regular shirts, its lightweight fabric is specially engineered to provide premium UV protection even when wet. Whether you’re sweating it out hiking under the summer sun or cooling off swimming in the ocean, you can enjoy your activities with true peace of mind knowing your skin is shielded.

Stay Cool and Dry with Moisture-Wicking Fabric

The last thing you want is a restricting, sweat-drenched shirt clinging to you during activities. Fortunately, the BALEAF rash guard is made from a quick-dry polyester fabric that actively works to keep moisture away from your skin. Its breathable construction whisks sweat away from your body and promotes maximum airflow, ensuring you stay cool, dry, and comfortable no matter how long you wear it.

Move Freely with 4-Way Stretch Fabric

Between the raglan sleeves and stretchy fabric that moves in every direction, this sun shirt provides unmatched freedom of movement. The raglan design eliminates shoulder seams for a full range of motion in your arms and shoulders when hiking, paddling, or working out. Meanwhile, the 4-way stretch fabric retains its shape while allowing flexibility during any activity.

Prevent Chafing & Irritation

Chafing from seams and tags can make even the most fun activities uncomfortable. Not with this BALEAF rash guard! It minimizes abrasion with flatlock stitching that removes seams off the interior and a tagless collar for a soft, smooth feel against your skin. Enjoy nonstop comfort knowing there are no seams to rub and irritate.

Versatile Protection for Any Occasion

Slip this breathable sun shirt on for all your favorite warm weather activities – its classic style and relaxed fit seamlessly transition from the trail to the water and everywhere in between. Wear it as a base layer under your jersey for outdoor cycling, during yardwork to shield from the sun, for beach days and pool parties, or by itself when hiking, fishing, jogging, and more. It also makes a great rash guard for surfers and Paddleboarders who need sun protection out on the waves.

Don’t let worries about sun exposure keep you from enjoying the outdoors. Gear up with the BALEAF Men’s UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Sun Protection Rash Guard and embrace any summer adventure with confidence! Order now and look forward to superior sun protection, breathability, and comfort all season long.


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