Spice Up Your Style with BB BROTHER BROTHER’s 7 Pairs of Colorful Oxford Dress Shoe Laces


Looking for an effortless way to inject bold personality into your fashion? Search no more! BB BROTHER BROTHER’s 7-pair colored Oxford dress shoe laces set has arrived to help you transform traditional dress shoes into an eye-catching statement.

Crafted from 100% durable cotton and coated with wax for superior water resistance, these premium shoelaces are built to last. While flimsy laces fray and lose their looks fast, BB BROTHER BROTHER’s laces withstand daily wear and tear to keep your shoes looking dapper for years.

Lace Up Your Shoes with a Pop of Color

The possibilities are endless with 7 vibrant colors to mix, match, and coordinate! Dress up your outfit with Royal Blue’s rich sophistication, ground it with Classic Black’s versatility, or add an unexpected twist with Burgundy’s lush elegance.

Whether you’re looking to replace frayed old laces or make your dress shoes pop, this colored shoelaces set equips you to tie your way to standout style every day.

Crafted for Ideal Length and Diameter

Frustrated with laces too short to tie or so long they drag and trip you? BB BROTHER BROTHER’s got you covered.

These round waxed dress shoelaces come in 30″, 32″ and 36″ lengths and 2.5mm diameter – ideal dimensions for 4-6 eyelet derby, blucher, chukka and oxford shoes.

Measured and produced for flawless function, the uniform width and length of each pair provides the perfect fit for effortless looping and tying. Experience the joy of no more struggling with laces that are too short, too skinny, or too long!

Built Tough for Any Occasion

Whether you’re heading to work, weekend getaway, date night, or big event, BB BROTHER BROTHER’s durable cotton laces can keep up.

The wax coating adds water resistance to withstand wet weather while the cotton construction remains breathable for comfort. Through everyday commutes or special occasions, your shoes stay securely laced while the colors lift any outfit.

From client meetings to dinner parties, complement your professionalism with sophisticated Royal Blue or Classic Black. For casual Fridays or weekend adventures, switch it up with earthy Brown or rugged Tan. With 7 colors, you’ll always have the perfect pair to match your plans.

The Perfect Gift for the Stylish Man

Finding a gift for the dapper gentleman can be challenging. But with this set of colorful Oxford laces, you can treat him to a versatile accessory he’ll appreciate and actually use!

Beautifully boxed for gifting, the eye-catching packaging makes presentation a breeze. Whether celebrating a birthday, Father’s Day, graduation, anniversary, or holiday, BB BROTHER BROTHER’s laces make a thoughtful gift.

Plus, starting each day tying these laces will remind him of your love and support!

Customize, Accent, Replace – The Possibilities are Endless!

Get creative and customize multiple pairs of shoes with vibrant colors!

Replace old laces and revive the style of beloved boots and shoes.

Refresh classic black and brown dress shoes with a subtle pop of color.

Coordinate laces with socks, ties, pocket squares, or other accessories for a polished head-to-toe look.

With 7 shades to mix and match, you can highlight your own unique style with personality and flair.

We’re So Confident You’ll Love Them, They’re Backed by Our 30-Day Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our cotton shoe laces with a satisfaction guarantee.

If you don’t absolutely love your set of Oxford dress shoe laces, simply return them within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

With durable construction, vibrant colors, ideal sizing, and a risk-free guarantee, you can shop with confidence. BB BROTHER BROTHER wants your dress shoes to look and feel their best.

Take Your Shoe Game to the Next Level

Ditch the boring old laces holding back your shoes’ potential.

With this set of 7 vibrant Oxford laces, you can instantly elevate any pair of dress shoes with personality, color, and flair.

Whether you’re looking to replace frayed laces or complement fine leather with a striking accessory, BB BROTHER BROTHER has you covered.

So kick comfort, style, and confidence up a notch. Add this colorful set of cotton Oxford shoe laces to your cart today!


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