Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Wicking Crew Socks 6-Pack


Keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable all day long with the Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Wicking Crew Socks 6-Pack. Designed with high-performance moisture wicking fibers, these crew socks will keep your feet feeling fresh even during the hottest, most active days. The soft, breathable fabric blend combined with arch compression provides support and stability as you go about your day, while ventilation channels enhance airflow to prevent overheating.

Innovative Moisture Wicking

Dickies ingeniously constructed these socks with a blend of 54% cotton, 41% polyester, 3% spandex and 2% nylon. The cotton offers soft, breathable comfort. Polyester fibers wick moisture away from the skin to the surface of the sock where it can evaporate. This prevents that damp, uncomfortable feeling you get with regular cotton socks as you sweat. The spandex adds stretch and flexibility, while the nylon provides durability.

Arch Compression & Stability

Targeted arch compression gives these Dickies socks a snug, supportive fit. The compression wraps around the arch of your foot, improving stability as you walk or run. This helps reduce fatigue and discomfort that can come from unsupported arches. The reinforced heel and toe provide extra durability so these moisture wicking socks stand up to repeated wear and machine washing.

Ventilation Channels Enhance Breathability

Strategically placed ventilation channels allow air to flow freely to your feet. This airflow prevents moisture buildup inside your shoes that can cause blisters or that squishy, damp feeling. The ventilation channels work together with the moisture wicking fibers to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable all day long – even on hot summer days or during strenuous workouts.

Machine Washable & Durable Construction

These Dickies crew socks feature a durable construction that allows them to hold up well to repeated machine washing and active wear. The reinforced heels and toes prevent sagging and holes from developing. The smooth toe seams prevent irritation. Just toss these moisture wicking socks in the wash after each use so they are fresh for your next wear.


  • 6-pack of crew socks
  • Moisture wicking fibers keep feet dry
  • 54% cotton, 41% polyester, 3% spandex, 2% nylon
  • Arch compression for support
  • Ventilation channels enhance breathability
  • Reinforced heel and toe for durability
  • Machine washable
  • Available in shoe sizes 6-12


  • Dry Comfort – Moisture wicking fibers pull sweat away from skin and allow it to evaporate
  • Odor Control – Helps reduce odor caused by sweaty feet
  • Breathability – Ventilation channels and lightweight fabric allow air flow
  • Supportive Fit – Arch compression improves stability as you move
  • No Bunching or Slipping – Y-stitched heels prevent sliding
  • All Day Comfort – Soft cotton blend feels great against your skin

Ideal Uses:

Dickies Dri-tech moisture wicking crew socks are great for:

  • Everyday wear
  • Office or casual wear
  • Athletic activities
  • Hot weather
  • Work boots or safety shoes
  • Men with active lifestyles

Easy Care Instructions:

Caring for these Dickies socks is a breeze. Simply throw them in the washing machine after each wear. Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry low. These socks can be bleached if needed.

With their innovative moisture wicking fibers, these Dickies crew socks will keep your feet feeling fresh, dry and comfortable all day – no matter how active your lifestyle. The 6-pack design makes it easy to stock up so you always have a pair of these breathable, supportive socks ready to go. Pick up the Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Wicking Crew Socks 6-Pack today!


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