Century Star Men’s Renaissance Pirate Pants – Drawstring Medieval Viking Steampunk Trousers for Halloween Costume Party


Step aboard your pirate ship ready for adventure on the high seas with these Century Star men’s pirate pants. Inspired by the dashing swashbucklers and scallywags of the 17th and 18th centuries, these Renaissance-style trousers will have you looking like a rogue pirate captain in no time.

Classic Pirate Style

Featuring an adjustable drawstring waistband and open flowing legs that end in lace-up cuffs, these pirate pants embody the classic style of the Golden Age of Piracy. The lightweight cotton and polyester fabric is soft and breathable, making it comfortable to wear while still capturing the rugged spirit of high seas adventure.

Versatile for Many Occasions

Perfect for Halloween pirate costumes or for channeling your inner Jack Sparrow at a costume party, these swashbuckling pants can be paired with knee high boots, a poet shirt, or vest to complete the look. Their versatility also makes them ideal for medieval fairs and Renaissance festivals. Match them with a puffy shirt, leather jerkin, and knee high boots to transform into a gallant knight or roving forest bandit.

Drawstring Waist for Adjustable Fit

The elastic and adjustable drawstring waist ensures a customizable fit that will be comfortable all day long whether battling enemies on the high seas or roaming the cobblestone streets of a Renaissance fair. The open legs allow for ease of movement while the lace up calf ties let you adjust the fit around your legs and prevent the pants from feeling too loose or tight.

Perfect for Themed Events and Cosplay

Take your pirate garb to the next level by pairing these distinctive pants with a tricorn hat, eye patch, and other accessories for a pirate festival or Halloween party. Their vintage style also makes them ideal for steampunk costumes and themed events. Use your imagination to come up with creative costumes to wear with these versatile pirate pants.

Leg Sewing for Durability

With quality leg sewing and durable fabric, these pirate pants are made to last through months on the high seas, rowdy tavern brawls, or weekends at the Renaissance fair. The 65% cotton/35% polyester fabric blend is soft with great airflow to keep you comfortable during swashbuckling adventures under the summer sun.

Available in a Variety of Colors

Choose from classic pirate colors like black, brown, green, blue or grey to match with different period style tops. The various color options allow you to coordinate your pirate or medieval look for the occasion whether you’re plundering ships or taking in a jousting tournament.

Care Instructions

Caring for your Renaissance pirate pants is easy. Hand wash only and air dry to maintain the integrity of the fabric and colors. To prevent damage, remove the leg laces before washing and drying. With proper care, these pirate pants will endure for voyages to come.

Versatile Men’s Pirate Costume Pants

With their distinctive pirate style, durability, and adjustable fit, these men’s swashbuckler pants are a versatile addition to your adventure wardrobe. Wear them for Halloween, theme parties, Renaissance fairs, and any occasion that calls for channeling historic maritime marauders. Their classic design never goes out of style.


Available in sizes S-2XL, refer to the size chart to find your ideal fit. Measure your waist and length to determine the right pirate pants size for you. If unsure, size up for a more relaxed fit or check the product questions and reviews for additional sizing guidance.

Product Details

Drawstring closure
65% cotton/35% polyester fabric
Hand wash only
Lace-up calf ties
5 color options

Start Your Pirate Adventure

Bring the spirit of adventure and danger to your next costume party or faire with these Century Star men’s Renaissance pirate pants. Their authentic swashbuckling style will have you ready to set sail in search of fortune and glory on the high seas. Let your inner pirate captain loose and order your pair today!


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