Capezio Women’s Hanami Pirouette Stretch Canvas Ballet Flats


Feel like a prima ballerina in these beautiful Hanami Pirouette ballet flats from Capezio. Constructed with 4-way stretch canvas and a soft microfiber lining, these flats provide the flexibility and comfort needed to perform various ballet movements with ease. The suede sole patches allow for quiet pointe work while the one-sided plush primary elastic and secondary silicone-lined elastic bands hug the heels securely. Show off your inner dancer wherever you go in these stylish and functional ballet shoes!

Unrestricted Movement for Ballet Dancers

As any ballerina knows, having the right footwear is crucial for proper technique and injury prevention. The Hanami Pirouette ballet flats are thoughtfully designed to provide maximum freedom and flexibility for dancing. The 4-way stretch canvas material contours to the shape of the foot, allowing you to point, flex, and move freely. Whether practicing barre work, center floor combinations, or pointe work, these ballet slippers will be compatible with the demands of any class or performance. The microfiber lining helps prevent blisters while the light, flexible canvas construction provides all-day comfort.

Secure Fit for Optimal Control

Nothing disrupts poise like a loose ballet shoe sliding around the foot. The Hanami Pirouette flats stay snuggly in place thanks to the unique elastic band system. The plush primary elastic hugs the arch of the foot while the secondary silicone-lined elastic gently grips the heel. This combination keeps the slippers from slipping off without squeezing the foot uncomfortably. The elastic bands also allow quick and easy on-and-off, so you can spend more time dancing in class instead of fussing with your shoes. With the Hanami Pirouette flats, you can have confidence that your footwear will provide a stable base of support for turns, jumps, and balances.

Suede Sole Patches for Quiet Pointe Work

Practicing pointe work? The suede sole patches on the Hanami Pirouette ballet flats allow you to rise up on your toes quietly. The suede soles provide friction and prevent squeaking, keeping your pointe work subtle and professional. The suede also gives you traction for turns and balances, even if you are dancing on a slippery studio floor. Feel free to incorporate pointe technique into your training and performances with the sound-dampening design of these ballet slippers. Just be sure to provide your flats with extra care and maintenance to keep the suede patches in good shape.

Stylish Aesthetic On and Off Stage

The lovely silhouette and clean lines of the Hanami Pirouette flats make them perfect for both studio sessions and everyday wear. The sleek canvas construction comes in versatile colors like blush, black, and nude to complement any outfit. Whether you are dressing up a casual look with leggings and a tunic or need shoes to match your dance costumes, these ballet slippers fit right in. The included drawstring bag makes them easy to tuck into your dance bag or purse. With their elegant styling, the Hanami Pirouette flats transition seamlessly from the ballet studio to the outside world.

Premium Quality Construction by Capezio

Capezio has been crafting top-quality dance footwear since 1887. The Hanami Pirouette model upholds this tradition with thoughtful design features targeted to the needs of ballet dancers. The flats are handcrafted with care using premium materials to provide long-lasting comfort and support. Capezio is the foremost name in dance footwear, worn by professional companies worldwide. Let your shoes support you in the pursuit of your dancing dreams by choosing the Hanami Pirouette for your ballet slipper needs.

Ideal for Both Beginner and Advanced Dancers

Whether you are just starting out in ballet or have years of experience, the Hanami Pirouette ballet flats are a great choice. The 4-way stretch canvas and elastic bands mold to a variety of foot shapes, making them ideal for beginners who need a “broken-in” feel right away. More advanced dancers will appreciate the freedom of movement and flexibility that mimics going barefoot. The flats also provide enough support and structure for pointe work, allowing you to graduate straight from soft slippers into your first pair of pointe shoes. The Hanami Pirouette model truly grows with you at any stage of your dancing journey.

Tips for Caring for Your Canvas Ballet Flats

To extend the life span of your Hanami Pirouette shoes, follow these care instructions:

Allow flats to air and dry out thoroughly between wearings to prevent bacterial growth. Stuff with crumbled tissue if needed.
Clean canvas occasionally with gentle soap and water solution. Avoid submerging.
Use steam from a fabric steamer or iron to kill bacteria and remove odors. Keep iron away from suede patches.
Store in included drawstring bag or box away from direct sunlight and humidity.
Check elastic bands regularly and replace when stretched out.
Spot clean suede sole patches as needed with suede brush or eraser.
Treat your Capezio Hanami Pirouette canvas ballet flats with care and enjoy the freedom of movement they provide for your dancing needs. Order your pair today to elevate your ballet technique, comfort, and style!


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