Capezio Women’s H07 footUndeez Supportive Lyrical and Modern Dance Shoe


Slip into superior support and comfort with the Capezio Women’s H07 footUndeez Lyrical and Modern Dance Shoe. Designed with dancers in mind, these shoes provide the flexibility you need with the support you crave to elevate your dancing.

The upper is constructed from 4-way stretch nylon and spandex for the ultimate in breathability and flexibility. It molds to your foot’s shape while allowing full freedom of movement. The lightweight fabrics keep your feet cool and dry even during the most intense dance sessions.

The patented ExoArmor patches at the ball and heel of the sole move independently to support your foot’s natural motions. The forefoot pad is securely sewn with interior and exterior stitching to prevent sliding or bunching. This allows you to point your feet smoothly and safely.

A plush elastic band lined with comfortable microfiber secures the shoes in place. The elastic features the Capezio logo and provides a customized fit. Half sizes are encouraged to size up to the next full size for the proper snugness.

Below are some of the key features and benefits of the Capezio H07 footUndeez:

Breathable, Flexible Upper

  • 4-way stretch nylon and spandex fabrics
  • Molds to your foot’s shape
  • Allows full freedom of movement
  • Keeps feet cool and dry

Patented ExoArmor Sole

  • Patches at ball and heel move independently
  • Supports natural foot motion
  • Allows safe pointing and flexing

Secure Forefoot Pad

  • Sewn with interior and exterior stitching
  • Prevents sliding and bunching
  • Enables smooth pointing

Customizable Fit

  • Plush elastic strap with Capezio logo
  • Holds shoes firmly in place
  • Half sizes should size up

Ideal Uses:

  • Lyrical dance, modern dance, contemporary styles
  • Ballet classes and rehearsals
  • Dance training and technique classes
  • Dance competitions and performances
  • Dance exercise and cross-training

Supportive Design to Unleash Your Potential

As all dancers know, having the proper footwear is crucial. Wearing shoes without enough support can hinder your dancing and even lead to injury. With their ultra-supportive design, Capezio footUndeez allow your feet to move freely while keeping them protected.

The ExoArmor patches are a game changer for comfort and safety. Placed strategically under the ball and heel, they work with your foot’s motions rather than against them. The articulated design follows your arches and contours, reducing friction and irritation.

The patches are also generously cushioned to absorb shock. Your joints and muscles get a reprieve from the constant pounding of dance. This enhances performance and delays fatigue so you can keep perfecting those fouetté turns and developpés.

Secure footing is likewise ensured by the interior and exterior stitching on the forefoot pad. This extra reinforcement keeps the pad firmly in place, right where you need it while pointing or rolling through your feet. Bunching and sliding are eliminated so you can execute even the most intricate footwork with confidence.

Dance in Cool Comfort

Overheating can ruin a great dance class. As your feet get hotter, your focus diverts from technique to discomfort. Capezio footUndeez are engineered with breathable materials that wick moisture and allow air circulation.

The 4-way stretch nylon and spandex upper has a barely-there feel. Your feet enjoy a custom glove-like fit but with ventilation that keeps them crisp and dry. Hot spots are prevented so you stay cool even when the choreography heats up.

The microfiber lining on the elastic strap also enhances comfort. It provides a smooth interface between your skin and the elastic. Chafing and pinching are avoided, giving you one less distraction.

Thanks to the moisture-wicking materials, these shoes require very little break-in time. There’s no need to spend class after class suffering through blisters and rubbing. The Capezio footUndeez will become your new favorite dance shoes right off the bat.

Enhance Your Dance training

Capezio has been crafting top-quality dance footwear since 1887. Their shoes are trusted by dancers worldwide for their innovation and ability to elevate performance. The H07 footUndeez model is no exception with its targeted support system and sheer comfort.

If you take your dance training seriously, you need a shoe that will support you through those long hours at the studio. FootUndeez help you get the most from every class, whether you’re honing your ballet technique or mastering contemporary leaps and turns. Your feet will feel secure and energized even after a marathon dance session.

For dance teachers, choosing the right footwear for your students is critical. Knowing they’re properly equipped with supportive, comfortable shoes like the Capezio footUndeez will give you confidence they’re getting the most from class safely. More progress can be made when shoes aren’t a hindrance.

Capezio footUndeez transition seamlessly from studio to stage. Their sleek style and variety of color choices complement any costume. You can turn up the heat on your next performance knowing your shoes will keep up. Let your personality and passion shine through without footwear failings holding you back.

Every aspiring and professional dancer needs Capezio footUndeez in their dance bag. Treat your feet to the comfort and support only Capezio delivers and take your training to the next level.


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