Capezio Turning Pointe 55 Women’s Ballet Dance Shoes – For the Serious Dancer


Experience the art of dance in the Capezio Turning Pointe 55. These high-quality ballet shoes are designed specifically for women looking to elevate their performance. With a 100% leather upper and imported leather sole, the Turning Pointe 55 offers unparalleled comfort and support for even the most demanding routines.

The rounded toe shape creates a flawless silhouette, allowing you to point your toes with ease. The EVA sole patch provides lightweight cushioning and shock absorption, reducing strain on your feet during jumps and turns. The lower vamp gives you a greater range of motion while dancing, while the pre-attached elastics can be customized to your preference for a secure fit.

Unmatched Quality Leather for Optimal Comfort

The Turning Pointe 55 features premium leather uppers sourced from the finest tanneries. The soft leather molds to your feet over time, creating a custom fit feel. Leather is also highly breathable and wicks moisture away from the foot, keeping you cool and dry even during intensive practice sessions.

The leather sole provides just the right amount of slide and grip, allowing you to perform those pivotal turns with ease. The slight break-in time required helps reduce blisters and hotspots. Once broken in, the shoes become like a second skin.

Perfect Lines and Graceful Arches

The rounded toe box allows your toes to spread out naturally when pointing your feet. This creates beautiful extended lines, accentuating your leg silhouette. The arch conforms snugly to your foot shape, providing security and support through leaps, hops, and jumps.

The EVA sole patch at the ball of the foot provides critical cushioning as you push off repeatedly on demi-pointe. This absorbs shock and reduces fatigue, helping you dance for longer.

Customizable Fit for Any Foot Shape

The Turning Pointe 55 comes with pre-attached elastics in two widths – 5/8″ primary elastic and 3/8” secondary elastic. You can customize the elastics’ position to get your perfect fit. Place elastics further back on the shoe to increase tension for narrow feet, or move them forward for wider feet. This adjustability ensures a secure fit, preventing shoes from slipping off.

The lower vamp cut exposes more of your instep, improving mobility when rising on demi-pointe. More flexibility here allows you to properly roll through your feet and ankles as you transition between movements.

Inspiring Performance Quality

When you tie the ribbons of the Turning Pointe 55, you know you have performance-level quality on your feet. The signature interior Lucia label provides a motivating reminder that this shoe is designed for excellence. Trust the Turning Pointe 55 to carry you through rehearsals, recitals, and competitions with confidence and grace.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Capezio recommends sizing up by one full size from your regular shoe size if you have a wider foot. Those with narrower feet can go true to size. Men should size up by two whole sizes. Here are some other tips for finding your ideal fit:

  • Try shoes at the end of the day when feet are most swollen.
  • Wear the tights and inserts you intend to wear for performances.
  • There should be no excess room at the heel, but toes should not be cramped.
  • Stand on flat feet and demi-pointe to feel security and support.
  • Walk around to test comfort and break-in.

Do not hesitate to exchange for a different size if the fit is not right. With wear, the Turning Pointe 55 will mold perfectly to your feet.

Designed for the Dedicated Dancer

Capezio has been crafting dance shoes since 1887. Their experience and heritage in the dance community informs their commitment to quality and design. The Turning Pointe 55 represents this tradition of excellence, backed by Capezio’s reputation.

Serious ballet dancers who are ready to take their skills up a notch will appreciate the performance-ready construction. From the supple leather uppers to the customized elastics, every detail is made to support and enhance your dance. Express the beauty of ballet and your own artistic voice through these shoes.

Versatile for Various Dance Styles

While optimized for ballet, the comfortable and supportive Turning Pointe 55 works well for many dance genres. The shoes provide freedom of movement making them suitable for contemporary, lyrical, jazz, and modern dance. The rounded toe shape creates clean lines, an essential in every style.

Dancers of all levels will appreciate the cushioned insole and heel pad which prevent fatigue. Break them in before performances for the best experience. For those with wide feet, consider sizing up.

So elevate your pirouettes and pointes to the next level by bringing home the Capezio Turning Pointe 55 today! These shoes are for dancers who want quality materials and design to support their growth as artists. Let your inner prima ballerina shine every time you put on these Capezios.


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