Capezio Fierce Terpsichore Dance Sneaker for Kids


Let your little dancer’s feet fly across the studio floor in the Capezio Fierce Terpsichore Dance Sneaker. Specifically designed for kids’ growing feet, this supportive sneaker will have them leaping and twirling in comfort. The Terpsichore sneaker is perfect for a range of dance styles like ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, lyrical, and more.

Superior Support for Pirouettes and Beyond

The Terpsichore sneaker features a flexible forefoot and Achilles notch to allow unrestricted pointing and flexion. The built-in Arch Support Shank provides stability during jumps and turns. The cushioned footbed includes patented Capezio Pom promoters that absorb shock and reduce foot fatigue. A breathable mesh upper with synthetic overlays delivers a secure, custom fit. The split sole design maximizes traction and allows children to feel the floor. With the Terpsichore sneaker, kids can perfect their fouetté turns or nail those 16 count choreography routines in comfort.

Durable Dance Sneaker Built to Last

While kids are rough on their shoes, the Terpsichore sneaker is made to withstand even the most enthusiastic dancer’s leaps and bounds. The high-quality leather and synthetic upper resists scuffing while the stitching remains securely intact performance after performance. The non-marking rubber outsole provides excellent traction on studio floors and won’t leave behind streaks. From tap classes to dress rehearsals, this durable dance sneaker will keep up with your child’s busy schedule.

Designed for Growing Feet

Finding the perfect fitting dance shoes can be tricky as kids’ feet rapidly grow. No more squeezing into shoes that are too small! The Terpsichore sneaker runs 1 1⁄2 to 2 sizes larger than standard street shoes to leave room for growth. The secure lacing system and padded tongue provide a customizable, comfortable fit. The low-profile design moves naturally with kids’ feet. Say goodbye to distracting loose shoes and enjoy watching your child concentrate on mastering new skills.

Make a Statement in Style

Your mini mover will feel like a star sporting these stand-out sneakers to class and rehearsals. The bold graphic print upper provides a burst of color and personality. Available in both little kid and big kid sizes and widths, every dancer can join in the fun. Match the color to their favorite leotard for a coordinated stage-ready look. For an extra flair, customize with colorful shoelaces and charms. With eye-catching style and reliable comfort, the Terpsichore sneaker is sure to become your dancer’s new favorite shoe!

Trusted Brand Capezio

When it comes to dance, you can trust Capezio. With over 100 years of experience creating footwear for dancers across the globe, Capezio knows what it takes to perform your best. Their innovative, comfort-driven designs are worn by dancers of all ages and skill levels, from tiny ballerinas taking their first plié to professionals leaping across the world’s biggest stages. Rest assured the Terpsichore sneaker meets Capezio’s exceptional standards for quality, fit and performance. Let your child dance confidently in shoes built for the demands of dance by Capezio.

Order the Terpsichore Sneaker Today!

Give your aspiring dancer the footwear they need to excel across the dance floor in the Capezio Fierce Terpsichore Dance Sneaker. With superior comfort features, durable construction, and eye-catching style, these sneakers will be their new favorite dance shoe. Order now and see them take their technique to the next level in confidence and comfort!


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