Brooks Men’s Anthem 5 Neutral Cushioned Running Shoe – Smooth Transitions and Soft BioMoGo DNA Cushioning For a Plush, Comfortable Ride


Experience the ideal blend of softness and flexibility each time your foot hits the pavement with the Brooks Men’s Anthem 5 Neutral Running Shoe. Built with the premium cushioning from BioMoGo DNA midsole material, this new edition of the Anthem series provides the just-right softness underfoot to keep your feet feeling fresh, mile after mile. The specially engineered mesh upper offers maximum breathability to prevent overheating, as you gently flex through each stride.

Brooks’ BioMoGo midsole cushioning adapts to your unique foot strike, weight and speed for custom comfort. The additional DNA material increases the softness without sacrificing responsiveness and durability. Ideal for neutral runners seeking a plush feel, the evolved midsole construction in the Anthem 5 Running Shoe delivers flexible cushioning right where you need it. Your foot sinks into the softness upon impact for a smooth landing and plush sensation. Just as your foot starts lifting off, the material firms up for a propulsive toe-off into the next stride. Enjoy this dynamic cushioning process stride after stride as the shoe seamlessly transitions with your foot’s natural motion.

Transition smoothly from heel to toe again and again thanks to the segmented crash pad in the Anthem 5. Strategically placed between the midsole and outsole, this integrated unit cushions and stabilizes each step for a natural heel-to-toe roll through your gait cycle. The continuous pad spans the entire outsole region to promote an even ride across the length of the shoe. Flex grooves in the crash pad also enhance the smooth motion to prevent any harshness or disjointed feelings underfoot.

The newly engineered air mesh upper offers a foot-hugging fit and feel to keep you focused on the miles ahead. Streamlined in style, the 360-degree material construction moves with your foot while providing plenty of ventilation to release excess heat. Less material reduces the weight, while the strategic stretch and structure securely and comfortably contain the foot. Printed overlays add visual appeal while stabilizing midfoot for a customizable locked-in sensation.

Additional details in the Anthem 5 enhance the secure heel fit and easy, everyday wear. The padded tongue and collar prevent chafing around the ankle, while the inconspicuous lace-up closure prevent pressure points on the instep. The textured heel lining improves hold as your foot flexes during the propulsive toe-off phase. Enjoy the personalized fit and all-around comfort step after step.

Key Features

  • New BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning dynamically adapts to your stride for plush softness
  • Streamlined engineered air mesh upper is lightweight and breathable
  • Smooth transitions from segmented crash pad for natural heel to toe motion
  • Strategic midfoot overlays provide structure without rigidity
  • Heel lining grips your foot to prevent slipping
  • Made in the USA with premium imported components

Set a New PR in Plush Comfort

When you lace up the Anthem 5 Running Shoe, you’ll enjoy premium comfort so you can focus on improving your pace and endurance. The BioMoGo DNA midsole combines just the right amount of softness so your feet stay energized without tiring. The advanced construction better adapts to your stride for custom comfort from your first step to the last mile of even your longest runs. Keep striding in cushioned comfort during everything from warm ups to tempo runs to cool downs.

The plush feel helps reduce fatigue and discomfort, especially during extended mileage. Endurance athletes will love the continuous comfort during marathon and half marathon training. Neutral runners of all levels can enjoy the smooth, cushy sensation during everyday running. Walkers and fitness enthusiasts can also experience lasting comfort during cardio sessions. Wherever your fitness journey takes you, do it with a springier step mile after mile in the Anthem 5.

Seamless Transitions in Every Stride

Experience a smooth, seamless feel underfoot as you flow from heel strike through toe-off stride after stride. The full ground contact design encourages a natural foot motion for optimal transition. Upon impact, the heel cushions for plush landings to prevent jarring. As you roll forward, the shoe propels you into the next step as the toe spring launches you forward.

The Anthem 5 segmentation allows the shoe to move with your foot for enhanced flexibility and freedom. Adapt seamlessly to changes in speed and terrain as the transition pad and segmented crash zone flex naturally with your foot. Cushioned landings help reduce fatigue and discomfort over long distances to keep a spring in your step.

Lightweight Breathability for In-Motion Comfort

When every ounce counts on race day, the Anthem 5 helps shed weight so you can achieve your new PR. The streamlined engineered mesh upper shaves bulk without losing structure and support. Air rapidly flows through the material to cool hot spots and release heat and sweat. Lightweight and barely-there flexible overlays provide midfoot structure to stabilize through the gait cycle.

Enjoy a foot-hugging fit with plenty of wiggle room for your toes thanks to the anatomical shape. Printed accents add visual interest while reinforcing the medial midfoot. Flexible and breathable, the Anthem 5 Running Shoe disappears on your foot as you focus on the open road or trail ahead.

Built for Distance with Responsive Cushioning

When you want a running shoe that can go the distance without losing responsiveness, choose the Anthem 5. The ideal midsole firmness provides soft cushioning upon impact for premium comfort. As your foot transitions through the gait cycle, the material firms up to return energy for a propulsive liftoff.

Enjoy this responsive bounce mile after mile as the cushioning maintains its flexible feel. The Anthem 5 encourages proper motion throughout your run to increase efficiency. Less energy is lost so more power returns with each foot fall. The result is a light, springy sensation run after run.

Find Your Next PR in the Anthem 5

Experience the plush comfort and smooth transitions in the Anthem 5 Running Shoe from Brooks. The BioMoGo DNA midsole cushions each stride as you chase new PRs in races and training. Strategically placed rubber in the outsole adds grip and durability for traction on roads and trails. The modern engineered mesh upper provides a foot-hugging fit while allowing refreshing airflow inside the shoe. Find your fastest time yet in the latest edition of an Anthem series favorite.


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