Booyckiy 2 Pairs Flat Sneaker Shoelaces in 26 Colors and 8 Lengths 27″-72″ (Polyester)


Tired of boring, plain shoelaces? Give your sneakers a fun, vibrant look with Booyckiy’s 2 pairs of flat polyester shoelaces, available in 26 gorgeous colors to match any style!

These fashionable shoelaces are made from durable polyester material that holds up wear after wear. The flat shape adds a modern, sleek look to your favorite kicks. With widths of 2/5” (1cm), they fit most casual sneakers, running shoes, trail shoes and boots.

One of the best things about these laces is the variety of lengths, ranging from 27” all the way up to 72”. No more laces that are too long and get caught under your feet! Simply measure your current laces and choose the closest size. Go a bit shorter if yours are too long or size up if they don’t tie properly.

Some helpful sizing information:

27” fits children’s shoes or small women’s sizes
36” for average women’s shoe sizes
40” works for most men’s shoes
45” to 63” for larger shoe sizes
72″ extra long for boots or high tops
With 2 pairs in each order, you can:

Match different colors in each shoe
Mix and match colors daily
Always have a backup in case one breaks
Replace old laces in multiple pairs
The polyester material is durable yet soft enough to tie snugly. It has some stretch but holds knots securely all day long. Don’t be annoyed by laces coming untied constantly!

The vibrant colors add personality and style to casual outfits. Choose classic white or black for versatile options. Go bold with hot pink, neon green, bright red or turquoise blue. Or try unique colors like burgundy, mustard yellow, dark purple and olive green.

Coordinating your shoelaces with other parts of your outfit is an easy way to look put together. Match colors in your top, hat, jacket or accessories. Contrast with opposite hues on the color wheel, like pink and green. Or create a monochromatic look by matching shoelaces to shoes.

Not only do these colored laces look great, they also upgrade old, worn out sneakers. Simply swapping the shoelaces can refresh shoes instead of buying new ones. It’s an affordable way to change up your style on a budget.

Stop settling for the boring laces that came with your shoes. With 26 colors to choose from, you can customize your look daily. Express your personal style with this versatile set of 2 flat shoelaces in varying lengths. Durable polyester construction means they’ll last wear after wear. Refresh your look and make your sneakers pop with this must-have accessory!


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