Bobino | Sleek Clippable Purse Hook – The Must Have Handbag Accessory and Organizer for Storing Your Purse


Keep your handbag off dirty floors and protected from strangers with the Bobino Purse Hook. This innovative clip-on purse holder easily attaches to tables and desks, providing a safe and convenient place to hang your purse or backpack when you’re on the go. Forget having to carefully place your bag on the floor again – this purse hook keeps your valuables up and away while freeing up space under chairs and tables.

Convenient Storage for All Your Essentials

The Bobino Purse Hook has a sleek, compact design with an opening of 1.4 inches, able to accommodate the straps of most standard purses, handbags, and even backpacks. The strong stainless steel clip ensures a firm grip, holding up to 22 lbs steadily for over 24 hours without losing its shape. No more fussing to find a place to safely stash your bag! This purse hook also doubles as handy under desk storage for smaller essentials like headphones, keys, and sunglasses.

Multi-Use Hanger – Carry Less, Enjoy More

Free up your hands and shoulders when you’re shopping, at restaurants, working in the office, or traveling. Simply clip this purse hanger onto your bag strap before heading out. When you need to access your purse, just attach the hook to any table or desk edge in one easy step. The compact profile takes up minimal space while keeping your bag securely suspended and immediately accessible. No more sore shoulders or hunting through an overstuffed purse!

Travel Must-Have for Men and Women

Frequent flyers and road warriors will love this portable purse hook for convenience on the go. Your personal items will remain protected from airport floors littered with germs and dirt. Just hook your bag under your seat or airline tray table to have essentials within arm’s reach during the flight. The bag hanger is also great for keeping handbags off sticky restaurant tables or grimy public bathroom counters. This purse holder is a handbag essential that takes up barely any room in your bag.

High Quality Construction

This purse hook is crafted from premium stainless steel for maximum strength and durability. The sleek metal construction means it looks great and works flawlessly while withstanding the demands of daily use. Whether you hang lightweight shopping totes, large leather handbags or heavy backpacks, the steel clip securely supports the weight without bending, warping or breaking. Confidently carry this high quality purse holder knowing it’s built to last.

Gift Idea for Handbag Lovers

Finding accessories for the handbag obsessed can be tricky. The Bobino Purse Hook is sure to impress any purse lover with its superb functionality and portable convenience. This purse hanger makes it easy for them to keep expensive designer bags off dirty floors and safely stowed, while the slim profile takes up hardly any room in their handbag. It also helps organize their purse essentials! This useful purse holder is a thoughtful gift for birthdays, holidays, stocking stuffers, or just because.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty clip holds up to 22 lbs steadily
  • Designed to hang purses, handbags, shopping bags or backpacks
  • Attaches securely to tables, desks, chairs – up to 1.4 inches thick
  • Crafted from premium stainless steel for strength and durability
  • Keeps belongings off dirty floors and protected from theft
  • Portable and compact for easy everyday carry in handbags
  • Great for use at restaurants, office, home, travel and more
  • Convenient storage for small essentials like headphones, keys, sunglasses

Give your shoulders a break and keep belongings clean and safe with the Bobino Purse Hook. This purse hanger is designed for versatility, durability, and convenience. The strong steel construction and secure grip allows you to hang your handbags or backpacks with total peace of mind. Reduce clutter, free up space, and simplify organization with this portable purse hook accessory. Order the Bobino today to make keeping bags off dirty floors as easy as clip and hang!


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