Bloch Girls’ Dansoft Full Sole Leather Ballet Slipper – The Perfect Choice for Aspiring Ballerinas


Designed for budding dancers, the Bloch Girls’ Dansoft Full Sole Leather Ballet Slipper provides comfort and support, allowing your child to focus on perfecting their technique and artistry. Crafted from premium soft leather, these ballet slippers mold to the feet for a secure fit and natural movement.


  • Premium Soft Leather – Expertly crafted from high-quality leather that molds to the feet for a perfect fit
  • Cotton Lining – Soft cotton lining surrounds the foot in comfort
  • Full Leather Sole – Provides stability and traction during turns and leaps
  • Adjustable Elastic Drawstring – Ensures a snug and secure fit to prevent slipping
  • Reinforced Stitching – Promotes durability for countless classes and performances
  • Breathable Materials – Cotton lining and leather upper allow ventilation to keep feet cool and dry

Premium Materials Mold to Feet

The upper of the Bloch Girls’ Dansoft is expertly crafted from premium soft leather that gently breaks in and molds to the shape of your child’s feet. This creates a customized fit for excellent comfort and support. The leather also naturally conforms and moves with the feet, allowing for proper articulation and flexibility. The full leather sole provides a stable base so your ballerina can dance with confidence and grace.

Inside, a soft cotton lining surrounds the feet in comfort. The natural breathability of leather and cotton helps promote air circulation to keep feet cool, dry and odor-free throughout long classes and dance sessions. Less sweat and moisture means less blistering and irritation.

Secure Elastic Drawstring

Proper fit is essential for control and avoiding injury during dance. That’s why the Dansoft features an elastic drawstring that can be easily adjusted to create a snug fit. Simply loosen or tighten to find the perfect amount of compression. This ensures the slippers stay securely in place, preventing shifting or sliding off mid-routine. The elastic also enhances stability for turns, leaps and jumps. With the drawstring enhanced fit, aspiring dancers can focus on technique rather than worrying about their slippers.

Durable Construction for Countless Classes

Designed for active young dancers, the Dansoft is constructed to withstand the rigors of daily dance classes, rehearsals and performances. The premium leather upper, full leather sole and reinforced stitching provide enhanced durability that you can rely on. The slippers hold up well to allow seasons of wear, making them a great value investment. With the Dansoft, you can have confidence your child will be supported class after class.

Versatile for Various Dance Styles and Techniques

The Dansoft is designed to support dancers throughout their development. The flexible leather and snug fit empower dancers to properly point and flex their feet whether practicing basic or advanced ballet moves. Budding ballerinas can also easily transition to related styles like lyrical, modern and jazz dance. The slipper’s secure fit enhances control for turns and leaps across genres. Young dancers can focus on mastering proper form and technique in the versatile Dansoft.

A Reliable Choice Recommended by Dance Teachers

The Dansoft is a reliable choice recommended by dance instructors worldwide. Teachers favor the support and flexibility for proper ballet stance, movement and safety. The slipper allows dancers to build their skills from introductory classes up through recitals with confidence and comfort. Dance schools also approve the Dansoft for meeting their dress code requirements. Bloch has over 80 years of experience crafting high quality dance footwear worn by professionals across the globe.

Enhanced Comfort Throughout Classes

In addition to a secure fit, the Dansoft provides enhanced comfort features to reduce fatigue and keep young dancers going all class long. The natural leather molds to the foot’s shape while the cotton lining surrounds in softness. Together these breathable materials help prevent sweaty feet by promoting air circulation. Less moisture and irritation allows ballerinas to maintain focus on perfecting techniques without discomfort or distraction. With the Dansoft, aspiring dancers can build their skills in cool comfort and confidence.

Quality Kids Dancewear from Bloch

For over 80 years, Bloch has been a leader in crafting high quality dance footwear. Based in Australia, the brand’s innovative designs are worn worldwide by professional dancers in ballet companies, Broadway shows and dance studios. Bloch is dedicated to supporting dancers throughout their development from first steps to the big stage. The Dansoft brings Bloch’s expertise in premium materials and comfort engineering to ballet slippers sized just for kids. Give your aspiring ballerina the quality gear they deserve with the Bloch Girls’ Dansoft Ballet Slipper.


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