Bloch Dance Jazz Shoe for Girls – The Perfect Slip-On Jazz Shoe for Little Dancers


Are you looking for the perfect jazz shoe for your budding young dancer? Look no further than the Bloch Dance Jazz Shoe for Girls! This high quality leather jazz shoe is designed specifically with the needs of young dancers in mind.

Crafted for Comfort and Durability

The Bloch Dance Jazz Shoe features a soft, full grain leather upper that forms to your child’s foot, providing superior comfort during long classes and rehearsals. The 100% cotton lining helps the shoe breathe and wick moisture, keeping little feet dry and comfortable.

The specially designed elastic opening makes these jazz shoes easy to slip on and off, while still providing a secure fit. No more fiddling with complicated straps and elastics! The elastic is durable while still being flexible, so it will accommodate your child’s foot as it grows.

Underneath, a split rubber sole provides the ideal balance between slide and grip, supporting dancers through turns and jumps. The EVA heel is lightweight yet strong, giving just the right amount of shock absorption. This high quality construction means the Bloch Dance Jazz Shoe will endure even the most rigorous dance classes.

Designed for Dancers

While some jazz shoes try to double as ballet slippers, the Bloch Dance Jazz Shoe is designed specifically for jazz, modern, lyrical, and contemporary styles. The lower profile rubber split sole gives dancers the flexibility and feel they need for dance styles beyond ballet.

The crossover elastic provides gentle support and unity across the top of the foot, while still allowing full articulation of the ankle. Bloch knows that growing dancers need a shoe that moves with them and supports proper technique.

True To Size Fit

Finding the right fit is crucial for children’s dance shoes. No more guessing with the Bloch Dance Jazz Shoe! Just start with 2 1/2 sizes larger than your child’s street shoe size for sizes 1.5-3.5. For sizes 10-1.5, go up 1/2 size.

Bloch’s expertise in dance footwear means you can trust their sizing. Focus on the fun of dance class while knowing your child’s feet are supported.

Quality Construction from the Leaders in Dance

Bloch has been making dance shoes since 1932. Their decades of experience are evident in every detail of the Bloch Dance Jazz Shoe. When you choose Bloch, you know you are getting top quality dance footwear.

This jazz shoe is crafted with care at Bloch’s factories in China and Indonesia. The split sole construction provides flexibility right out of the box–no break-in needed. Superior materials and construction mean this jazz shoe will last through countless classes, not just a few performances.

Designed for the Young Dancer

Your child was born to dance. Nurture their talent with the perfect jazz shoe for aspiring dancers. The Bloch Dance Jazz Shoe provides:

Soft, supple leather that molds to the foot
Breathable cotton lining to keep feet dry and comfortable
Secure elastic for easy on and off
Rubber split sole for ideal grip and articulation
Flexible construction to support proper technique
This specialized design gives your young dancer the tools they need to excel from their first plié to their final bow. Let the Bloch Dance Jazz Shoe be their partner as they leap across the stage.

Trusted by Teachers and Dancers Worldwide

Since 1932, Bloch has made footwear trusted by professional dancers around the world. Now they bring that same expertise to dance shoes sized just right for growing feet.

Dance schools everywhere love the quality and fit of Bloch children’s dance shoes. The Bloch reputation means you can trust these jazz shoes to meet even your teacher’s discerning standards.

Your child will be proud to wear the iconic Bloch name on their dance shoes. Join dancers of all ages who rely on Bloch to support their artistry and technique.

Let Them Dance!

Childhood is fleeting–let your child experience the joy and freedom of dance while they can! With the Bloch Dance Jazz Shoe, there’s no need to sacrifice quality and performance to save on budget kids’ shoes.

See their confidence grow as they master new skills in shoes designed to boost their technique. The investment in a proper fitted jazz shoe will pay dividends in your dancer’s progress.

Don’t let ill-fitting, poor quality shoes hold your dancer back. Treat their talent and dedication to dance with a top quality jazz shoe designed just for them. Bring the gift of movement into their life with the Bloch Dance Jazz Shoe!


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