Avia Avi-Union II Strap Slip Resistant Shoes – Comfortable Work Shoes for Women


Tired of slippery, uncomfortable work shoes? Searching for the perfect pair of walking shoes? Look no further than the Avia Avi-Union II Strap Slip Resistant Shoes! These innovative shoes provide maximum comfort, support, and slip resistance to power you through long days on your feet.

Slip Resistant Soles Keep You Safe

The thick rubber soles have an oil and slip resistant tread pattern that grips the floor to prevent dangerous slips and falls. The soles meet the ASTM F2913 standard for slip resistance – the official standard in the USA. You’ll feel secure striding across slick restaurant floors and busy hospital hallways. No more worrying about hydroplaning across wet surfaces!

Shock Absorbing Design Reduces Fatigue

With their compression molded EVA midsole and anatomical heel cradle, these shoes provide exceptional cushioning and support. Avia’s innovative Cantilever technology centers and stabilizes the heel to absorb shock and impact. Your feet and joints stay fresh even after hours of standing and walking. Say goodbye to sore, achy feet at the end of a long shift!

Removable Memory Foam Sockliner

Slip in the removable MEMORYfōm sockliner and feel the customized comfort. This responsive foam shapes perfectly to your feet, conforming to every curve and contour. The memory foam redistributes pressure across the sole, preventing painful pressure points from developing as you move. Enjoy personalized support and relief for happy feet!

Lightweight Sneaker Design

Though packed with features, these shoes maintain a lightweight, breathable feel. The flexible upper moves with your foot, while the low profile sole keeps you agile. The strap sneaker design provides a secure fit without the bulkiness of hi-top shoes. Designed with the needs of active professionals in mind, these shoes allow comfortable all-day wear.

Ideal for Nurses, Restaurant Staff, and More

These Avia shoes are perfect for waitresses, nurses, teachers, retail workers, and anyone else who spends all day on their feet. The slip resistant soles and supportive design help reduce fatigue and provide sure footing in busy work environments. They also make great travel shoes thanks to the easygoing athletic style.

Quick and Secure Hook and Loop Closure

Just strap in and go about your day! The hook and loop closure ensures a custom fit every time, while allowing you to slip your shoes on and off with ease. No need to fiddle with laces, which can come untied and turn into a tripping hazard. The sturdy closure also makes these shoes ideal for seniors and those with limited mobility.

All Day Comfort You Can Count On

Made with high quality materials, these supportive, slip resistant shoes are built to last through countless shifts. The understated style works with any uniform, while the functionality focuses on keeping you surefooted and pain-free. Alleviate foot fatigue and stay steady on your toes with the Avia Avi-Union II shoes!

Order a pair today and experience the difference of purposeful design. Your feet will thank you!


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