ARCLIBER Leather Slip-On Jazz Dance Shoes Unisex


Glide across the dance floor in style and comfort with the ARCLIBER Unisex Leather Slip-On Jazz Dance Shoes. Designed for dancers of all levels, these shoes feature a leather upper for flexibility and breathability, allowing your feet to move freely during jumps, turns and complex choreography.

The leather molds to your feet for a custom fit while the lightly padded interior cradles your feet in cushioned comfort. The split suede sole provides just the right amount of grip and slide, enabling smooth pivots, spins and slides. The arch is supported by a neoprene insert that flexes with the natural movement of your feet.

Leather Upper and Lining

The upper features premium leather that is soft and supple, providing durability while allowing your feet to breathe. Leather naturally conforms to your feet’s shape over time, creating a custom fit unique to you. The leather lining creates a smooth interior surface that prevents rubbing and hot spots.

Neoprene Arch Insert

An insert at the arch is made of neoprene, providing cushioned support right where you need it most. The insert flexes and moves with your foot’s natural motion, preventing fatigue during long practices or performances. It also absorbs shock, reducing pain or strain on the arches and joints.

Split Suede Sole

The split suede sole ensures ideal traction and slide. Suede provides a moderate amount of grip, ideal for allowing controlled slides and pivots. The split separation improves flexibility to enable pointing your toes or rolling through your feet. The suede also makes point work and spins quiet and smooth.

Comfort and Flexibility

From the materials to the construction, these dance shoes are engineered for comfort and flexibility. The foot bed is lightly padded while allowing your feet to flex and point. The upper molds to your feet and moves with you. With proper fit, the shoes become like a second skin.

Ideal for Dance Styles

Slip into these versatile shoes for dance styles including jazz, modern, contemporary, ballet, salsa, ballroom, swing, tap, musical theater and more. The shoes transition seamlessly from the studio to the stage. Break them in at practice and perform at your peak.

True To Size

These shoes are offered in a wide range of whole and half sizes to ensure proper foot. Refer to the size chart and select the size that corresponds to your foot length. For the best fit, we recommend ordering a half size up if you fall between sizes. The leather will mold to your feet for a custom fit.

Care Tips

Keep the shoes looking their best by wiping clean after each use. Use a damp cloth to remove dirt and sweat. Allow the shoes to fully air dry before storing. When needed, clean the interior with mild soap and water. Condition the leather periodically with leather cream.

Slip into your new favorite dance shoes from ARCLIBER. The premium leather and specialized dance design will have you dancing like a pro in no time. Order now to glide, spin and leap across the floor with grace and support.

Customer Reviews

The Perfect Dance Shoes!

I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of leather jazz shoes and these ARCLIBER shoes are it! The fit is perfect and the leather upper moves so nicely with my feet. The suede sole makes pivots and slides effortless. My arches feel supported even during long rehearsals. I love how the leather molds perfectly to my feet. I highly recommend these shoes for any style of dance!

So Soft and Flexible!

Wow, these jazz shoes are so soft and flexible! I can really point my toes and feel the floor. The leather upper breaks in quickly and fits like a glove. The arch support is great for my high insteps without being too tight. I’ve worn them for modern, contemporary, jazz and hip hop classes. The soles are perfect for gripping or sliding. Super cute and comfortable too!

My Go-To Dance Shoes

I wore these ARCLIBER shoes for two dance competitions and they were perfect! I didn’t have to break them in at all – the leather molded right to my feet. They have a nice classic look that goes with any costume. The sole provides nice quiet slides. The arch support is really comfortable. I highly recommend these shoes for competitions, recitals or just dancing around the house!

Great Shoes for Versatile Dancing

I love how versatile these shoes are! I can wear them to ballet, jazz, tap or ballroom dance class. They provide nice arch support and stability for my ballroom dancing but are flexible enough for tap. The leather upper is very breathable and comfortable. The heel is low enough for ballet while the sole grips well for jazz slides. I don’t have to change shoes now between all my dance classes!

So Lightweight!

These are the most lightweight dance shoes I’ve ever worn! My old shoes always felt heavy and clunky but these feel like a second skin. I’m able to move so much faster and hold my leg extensions longer without feeling weighed down. The arch support is excellent without being too rigid. I hardly feel like I’m wearing shoes at all. I will definitely buy more colors!


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