Akk Women’s Breathable Walking Shoes – Lightweight Knit Tennis Sneakers with Memory Foam Insole for All Day Comfort


Looking for the perfect pair of walking shoes that check all the boxes? Breathability, comfort, support, and style? Search no more! Allow us to introduce the Akk Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes. These knit sneakers are about to become your new go-to shoes.

Breathable Knit Fabric Keeps Feet Cool and Dry

Starting from the upper, the Akk walking shoes are constructed using a soft knit fabric that provides exceptional breathability. The knit material is designed with ventilation holes throughout to allow air to freely flow in and out. This keeps your feet cooler and drier during long walks, exercise sessions, or whenever you’re on the move. No more sweaty feet!

The knit fabric also has plenty of stretch and flex which allows it to move naturally with your foot. There’s nothing worse than stiff shoes that restrict movement. The Akk walking shoes contour to your feet providing a flexible, barely-there feel.

Memory Foam Insole Cushions Every Step

Now to the inside. Your feet will be pampered with each step thanks to a removable memory foam insole. This cradles the contours of your feet and absorbs impact. It feels like walking on a cloud!

The memory foam also provides arch support which helps alleviate pain and pressure. Say goodbye to sore, tired feet at the end of the day. The plush foam protects the soles and heels from harsh impact on concrete. Plus, it’s antimicrobial and moisture-wicking, keeping odor and sweat at bay.

Slip Resistant MD Sole for Sure-Footed Traction

Along with comfort, the Akk walking shoes prioritize safety with a slip resistant MD sole. This durable, shock absorbing sole grips the ground to prevent slips and falls even on wet surfaces. The tread flexes and bends naturally as you walk without losing traction.

The MD sole also has just the right amount of cushioning. It absorbs impact to reduce joint and heel pain, yet it’s flexible and lightweight. The shoes weigh just 6 ounces each so they won’t weigh down your feet. Light as a feather!

Secure Lace Up Design and Padded Tongue

Getting the perfect fit is easy with the Akk walking shoes’ secure lace up closure. Simply loosen or tighten the laces until you reach your desired level of support and relaxation. The padded tongue provides additional cushioning for ultimate comfort.

The collar around the ankle is also nicely padded to prevent rubbing and chafing. You’ll want to wear these shoes everywhere!

Fashionable Knit Sneakers Match Any Outfit

While the Akk walking shoes prioritize comfort and performance, style wasn’t sacrificed. The knit fabric gives them a modern, athleisure look that pairs perfectly with leggings, jeans, skirts, you name it!

The neutral color options like black, gray and navy match everything and make styling a breeze. Look sporty one day and casual chic the next. These sneakers transition seamlessly from the gym to running errands.

Designed for Versatility and All Day Wear

Truly, the possibilities are endless with the Akk walking shoes. Here are just a few activities they’re designed for:

  • Walking
  • Running errands
  • Work
  • Exercise
  • Gym sessions
  • Jogging
  • Hiking
  • Traveling
  • Everyday wear

Slip them on first thing in the morning and don’t take them off until bedtime. The memory foam insole ensures your feet will stay happy and comfortable no what you’re up to.

The breathable knit fabric keeps feet cool and dry even during the hottest, most humid days of summer. Your feet can breathe easy all year round.

The Akk walking shoes provide the perfect trifecta of comfort, support, and style. Ready to take your walking shoes up a notch? Order a pair today and feel the difference! Your feet will thank you.


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