adidas Ub21 Superlite Recycled Running Socks – Breathable, Cushioned and Sustainable (2-Pair)


Step into the new generation of high-performance running socks with the adidas Ub21 Superlite Recycled Running Socks. Crafted from 96% recycled polyester and natural latex rubber, these ultra-lightweight quarter socks are made with sustainability in mind without compromising on quality or comfort.

The innovative primegreen material uses high-performance recycled yarns to provide the same fit, feel and functionality you’ve come to expect from adidas’ athletic wear. Not only is this fabric eco-friendly, but the breathable polyester construction also wicks moisture away from your skin to keep feet cool and dry mile after mile.

Targeted mesh ventilation zones are strategically placed along the top of the foot for maximum airflow exactly where you need it most. This increases breathability and helps regulate temperature to avoid overheating on long runs or intense training sessions. The ventilation and moisture management work together to create the ideal environment within the sock for active feet.

These running socks feature enhanced arch support that improves stability and helps prevent sliding around in your shoes. The lightweight yet supportive construction locks the sock in place and provides a secure customizable fit. An elastic cuff at the top grips your ankle while the Y-shaped heel pocket cradles your heel to prevent uncomfortable slipping and blisters.

The reinforced heel and toe deliver targeted cushioning right where your feet need it most, absorbing impact and providing comfort with every stride. The additional padding protects against bruising and discomfort, especially during high intensity workouts when your feet endure more stress. Thicker cushioning also helps fill space within shoes, reducing friction and preventing hot spots from developing.

Whether you’re a casual jogger or competitive runner, these adidas ankle socks will become a go-to staple on workout days. Their breathable recycled fabric wicks away sweat to keep feet cool and dry at the gym or on outdoor trails. The strategic cushioning protects sensitive areas while the arch support provides a stable fit within athletic shoes. Plus, the eco-friendly construction helps you reduce waste and make sustainable choices.


  • Material: 96% Recycled Polyester, 3% Natural Latex Rubber, 1% Spandex
  • Imported quarter cut socks hit below ankle
  • Pull on closure for easy on and off
  • Machine washable
  • Made using primegreen recycled materials
  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps feet dry
  • Targeted extra cushioning at heel and toe
  • Mesh ventilation for breathability
  • Arch support for a secure fit


  • Eco-Friendly Construction – Made from premium recycled polyester and latex to reduce waste without compromising on quality or performance.
  • Moisture-Wicking – Innovative sweat-wicking yarns pull moisture away from the skin and towards the surface of the sock to keep feet cool and comfortable.
  • Targeted Cushioning – Strategic extra padding at the heel and toe provides protection and shock absorption exactly where feet need it most.
  • Breathable Mesh – Ventilation zones increase airflow to regulate temperature and prevent overheating inside shoes.
  • Supportive Fit – Light compression and arch support creates a stable feel that prevents sliding around inside shoes.
  • Ankle Grippers – Elastic cuffs grip the ankle to prevent socks from slipping down during activity.

Designed for Performance and Comfort

Runners need athletic equipment that can keep up with their active lifestyles, and that includes quality running socks. The adidas Ub21 Superlite Recycled Running Socks are thoughtfully engineered with the runner in mind to deliver sustainable performance and comfort mile after mile.

The unique moisture-wicking yarn contains hydrophilic fibers that pull sweat away from the foot. This not only keeps your feet drier but also provides temperature regulation by accelerating moisture evaporation. Dry feet are less likely to experience uncomfortable chafing and blisters inside shoes. The design also incorporates mesh ventilation zones along the top of the foot to increase breathability right where feet tend to overheat the most. The airy construction creates a cooling effect that helps prevent hot spots from developing.

Runners know that feet endure a lot of repeated stress during training and races. That’s why these socks include targeted cushioning in high-impact zones for injury prevention and shock absorption with every step. The pads under the heel and toe protect against bruising while also filling space in shoes to reduce friction and rubbing. Arch support provides a light compression that creates a stable fit, keeping the sock locked in place mile after mile. This eliminates sliding around which can lead to painful blisters. An elastic cuff at the top grips the ankle to prevent slipping.

By incorporating performance features like moisture-wicking fabric, cushioned padding and arch support into a sock made from recycled materials, adidas manages to deliver both sustainability and comfort in one functional, eco-friendly package. Slip on these durable running socks for your next workout to experience the perfect blend of breathability, stability and impact protection.

Responsible Construction

adidas is committed to developing high-performance athletic wear while also reducing environmental impact. That’s why these running socks are made using recycled materials under the brand’s primegreen initiative.

The primegreen fabric is constructed from recycled polyester created from post-consumer plastic waste. Using recycled polyester reduces dependence on raw fossil fuels and also decreases plastic pollution by giving old plastics new life in athletic apparel. In fact, over 90% of the polyester used in these socks was diverted from landfills and recycled into moisture-wicking performance yarns.

Not only is the majority of the sock made using recycled polyester, but even the elastane contains recycled content for a sock that is almost entirely recycled. The sole virgin material is the 3% natural latex rubber added for structure and stretch in high stress areas. The rubber improves durability without having to rely on synthetic elastics.

The Ub21 Superlite Recycled Running Socks are OEKO-TEX certified meaning every component and processing technique meets stringent standards for safety and sustainability. From recycled materials to non-toxic dyes, these socks are designed to have a reduced ecological footprint from start to finish while upholding adidas’ commitment to premium quality and comfort.

Make the eco-friendly choice and embrace sustainability on your runs without sacrificing performance by choosing adidas and their primegreen recycled running socks. They may be made from recycled materials but they offer advanced features like strategic cushioning, stability and breathable ventilation to take your running to the next level in comfort.


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