Our Story

Boohoo began in 2006 when we detected a gap in the market for great quality fashion at incredible prices. Our founding team wanted to make the latest trends accessible not just for celebrities or the elite, but for real people.

From humble beginnings, we launched with just 3 staff in a small Manchester warehouse shipping orders. We’ve since grown to offer thousands of affordable, going-out fashion items loved by over 10 million customers globally.

Behind the scenes, we’ve built an agile supply infrastructure leveraging technology to design, source, and dispatch orders ultra-efficiently. By controlling the whole process from initial concept to your doorstep, we keep costs low so we can pass the value to you through frequent promotions and trends that won’t break the bank.

But savings wouldn’t matter if we didn’t also offer you diverse and daring fashion you can’t wait to wear. Our buyers and designers closely watch catwalks, celebrities and street style to identify Hero pieces that capture the mood of the moment at prices ordinary people can afford.

While fast and affordable fashion is at our core, we go beyond just clothes and accessories. We want to inspire confidence and empower self-expression. Our culture celebrates the fearlessness to be yourself, push boundaries and live out loud. We believe clothes lose their magic unless you feel gorgeous and comfortable rocking our latest finds.

Boohoo today retains the personal touch and agile spirit of a start-up, but with sophisticated infrastructure to scour the globe for quality materials and distribute orders worldwide. We are driven by the vision that our customers can look like a million dollars on a dime.

What Makes Us Different

Incredible Value – Our ultra-efficient supply chain allows us to pass exceptional savings to you without ever compromising on quality. By keeping costs low, we make the hottest trends and wardrobe essentials affordable for every budget.

100s of New Drops Weekly – We don’t just match fast fashion – we set the pace! Our talented designers conceptualize up to 1000 fresh new styles every week across categories so you can always discover exciting finds.

All Styles & Sizes – We pride ourselves on offering inclusive sizes and fashion catering to all tastes. Whether you crave understated classics or bold standout pieces, you’ll discover flattering cuts and prints to suit your shape, personality and occasion needs.

Ethical Standards – While bargains excite us, people and our planet come first. We’re committed to ethical business practices across our offices, warehouses and supply chains worldwide. We also partner only with vendors aligning with our standards.

Surprisingly Smooth Deliveries – Our streamlined supply infrastructure coupled with delivery partnerships allow us to ship many purchases same or next day so you can debut your haul without delay!

Giving Back – Fashion doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We partner selectively with charities supporting causes our team and customers care about – from sustainability to wage support to health research. We also rally our community during times of crisis to make an impact together.

Candid Culture – We nurture a vibrant culture where everyone feels comfortable being themselves. Our team bonds through openness, humor and lack of pretense despite our rapid growth and global presence. If you ever visit our headquarters, don’t expect suits and ties – just passionate people proud of the iconic brand we’re building together.

Our Values

Our core values explain not just what we do, but how we do it. They guide our decision making and daily interactions with team members and customers alike.

We Are Bold

The best ideas come from unbridled creativity, speaking up and taking smart risks. We never settle for mediocrity – we want to overdeliver for our customers and community.

We Are Inclusive

We celebrate diversity of identities and opinions by fostering a workplace where everyone feels respected, supported and able to excel as their authentic selves.

We Deliver Magic

We bring playfulness, imagination and warmth to every customer interaction. Our culture of generosity empower sellers to go the extra mile surprising customers with “wow!” moments.

We Run Fast

Time is precious, so we value acting decisively, innovating rapidly and continuously improving. Our bias for action delivers an unrivaled pace delighting customers with the latest looks first.

We Take Ownership

We individually and collectively take responsibility for understanding customer needs, creatively solving problems and driving Boohoo forward as a force for good in our industry.

Our values permeate every team, guide how we reward and recognize excellence, and steer our long-term growth planning. We know a supportive culture enabling dynamic merchants and customer service stars ultimately fuels our ability to exceed shopper expectations.

Meet Our Leaders

Boohoo thrives under the guidance of executives and directors who drive our strategic vision while preserving our agile, inventive spirit.

Samir Kamani, CEO – Samir directs long-term growth planning, spearheads new partnerships to expand our footprint, and ensures we deliver value for customers amidst ever-evolving retail trends. He continues a proud family legacy in fashion.

Neil Catto, CFO – Neil stewards our financial operations globally, coordinating analysis and reporting that helps us smartly plan budgets, supply chain investments and more. His oversight ensures our sustainable growth.

Sean Hastings, USA Director – Sean built our US operation from scratch into a high-velocity sales engine. He not only understands the American consumer, but fuels our culture of empowerment and development stateside.

Our leaders exude our core values, operating with generosity and imagination focused on magic moments that exceed expectations. They set the pace for the business we want to become – an iconic fashion house at the intersection of style, value and fun!

Our Commitment to People & Planet

Fashion can drive positive change beyond just making you look and feel your best. We aim higher to also influence improvements industry-wide.

Championing Our Employees

Our people make the Boohoo magic happen! We support their growth and well-being through:

Leading Sustainably

We believe business growth and eco-initiatives go hand-in-hand. Our major commitments include:

Giving Back

We proudly support causes boosting equity and inclusion for people from marginalized groups. Our corporate and social impact partnerships include:

Our support also responds to humanitarian crises like natural disasters or the Ukraine relief effort. We leverage our global platform and work with reputable partners to make the greatest positive impact.

Through people-focused and planet-conscious initiatives, we aim to drive system-wide advancements, not just grow our bottom line. The economies of scale achieved as we expand our global fashion house allow us to increase our ambitions to do good worldwide.

The Future of Boohoo

We feel we’re just getting started. Behind the scenes, we are continuously improving our capabilities to respond to retail shifts and deliver you affordable fashion at lightning pace.

We plan ongoing investments in creative talent, garment technology, warehouse automation, machine learning-enabled personalization and smoother cross-border logistics. Our customer mobile experience remains a key focus as device usage continues rising.

We also have an eye on strategic acquisitions allowing us to diversify our brand portfolio and product categories over time so we can expand both your wardrobe needs we fulfill and our global audience reached.

Through a maniacal commitment to understanding customers, rapidly translating those signals into sellable product, and removing all friction from browsing to delivery, we aim to continue trailblazing the future of seamless online fashion.

Thank you for being part of our journey! We can’t wait to continue growing together in the years ahead as your destination for accessible styles and service with a rebellious edge.